North Rim Grand Canyon

North Rim Grand Canyon Sunset as seen from Bright Angel Point with the Grand Canyon Lodge to the far right
Last weekend we spent four days photographing and hiking around various points of the North Rim in the Grand Canyon. We had some beautiful light as well as getting poured on for hours on end. I was very grateful our tent didn't leak! Most of the time we stayed up until midnight shooting some milky way photos or the lightning storms and then were back up at 4 a.m. to catch sunrise 43 miles away. (And you thought being a landscape photographer was all fun!) The nearest campground that had an opening being Labor Day weekend was at Jacob Lake. Surprisingly there weren't too many visitors at the North Rim although typically it only sees 10% of the visitors that the South Rim gets. We tend to plan our visits at the last minute depending mostly on the weather. If you want good light that's the only way to go.

North Rim Grand Canyon Wotans Throne viewed from Cape Royal

Because of the rain, early morning sunrise was shrouded many times by the fog rolling in and out of the canyon which really added to the wonderful light we were getting.

North Rim Grand Canyon Sunrise viewed from Cape Royal

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