thinkTank StreetWalker Pro Backpacks

Me at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon 9/1/2013 wearing my thinkTank StreetWalker Pro backpack

I've used several other backpacks from different companies (Tamrac, Lowepro to name a couple) to carry my camera gear and find the thinkTank StreetWalker Pro backpack to not only fit the contour of my back, allow cooling up through the middle of the backpack with a raised channel but it also feels light on my back even though it's not light at all with all my photo gear. The "other" companies backpack felt like I was carrying a bulky suitcase. When you're scrambling up rocks with a backpack on and tripod in hand I don't want to feel as though I am carrying a footlocker with the kitchen sink on my back.

Serena, my wife is 5'2" and weighs all of 105 pounds and she also uses the thinkTank StreetWalker Pro backpack. The others are simply not possible for her to carry and tend to make her unbalanced so falling backwards is a real possibility. Not something you want to do on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

I am an affiliate of thinkTank and by using my code AP-804 at checkout anything you purchase over $50USD you can also select a free gift. Remember to use my code when you check out or you can just click on this link

 and start shopping. With the rainy season upon us I could sure use a camera raincoat hmm let me see what thinkTank has to offer...

I will be doing another blog entry soon to show you exactly what I carry in my thinkTank StreetWalker Pro backpack.
Until then thanks for looking!

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