Good Graffiti/Bad Graffiti

Please bare with me as this subject is near and dear to me.

The subject is Graffiti!

In my opinion there is good graffiti and bad graffiti.

These are three examples of good graffiti I found on an old abandoned building in Navajo Nation, Arizona.
I don't take credit for the awesome Navajo artistry only the photography.
The following is my example of bad graffiti! No I did not paint my copyright on the wall it is through the magic of Photoshop my name appears (it looks pretty ugly) and I also scrubbed out the word on the back wall. I've heard it so much it's meaningless to me. You can see this type of graffiti in many places all over the world. There is plenty of it here in Las Vegas. I relate it to a dog pissing on a fire hydrant to mark it's spot. Quite intelligent for a human being don't you think? At least the Anasazi drawings were artistic as well as the Navajo's above.

This photograph was taken in Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Do you know how many millions of years it took to form our National Parks? Do you really care that Jackson whose name is inscribed into the rock below center visited Zion? His name and all the others that disrespected this beautiful park will have their names carved in stone for many, many years to come for your kids, their kids and countless others get to see this destruction of nature. I beg you when you are in nature to leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photographs. Respect our planet, it's the only one we have for generations to come. Thanks for listening, this was not intended to offend only to make people more aware. This too is graffiti!

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