Fallen Roof Ruin

"Fallen Roof Ruin"

This is Fallen Roof Ruin located in Road Canyon in Southern Utah. This ancient Pueblo dwelling has become an icon of the Colorado Plateau. Unfortunately Serena and I arrived late in the afternoon when the sun was harsh and we had limited time before the sun set. This may prove to be a not so fun place to try and get out of in the dark. Best time for photography would be mid morning. Sometimes things fit into your schedule and sometimes you just have to make the best of what you have.

"Fallen Roof Ruin"

There are two sets of ruins fairly close to each other, we chose to only shoot Fallen Roof and head back. You could spend about 2.5 hours total for the hike and photographing both ruins, unfortunately we ran out of time. The day before we attempted to hike to House on Fire, we were within 1,000 feet of the ruin and a severe thunderstorm rolled in. With 1/4 inch hail pelting us, lightning all around and the creek we had to cross quickly turning into a river filling the canyon we chose to head back to the car without a shot.

"Fallen Roof Ruin Handprints"

I hope you enjoyed this set. I have tons of photographs of petroglyphs and will try and share some soon. Besides landscape I very much enjoy checking out petroglyphs and ancient ruins. Thanks for looking!

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