Keihei Sunset

Keihei Sunset
Three weeks before Serena's birthday someone at my work wanted to rent out their one week time share in Maui. 

As luck would have it the first day of the rental was on her birthday so I jumped at the opportunity to take her. I have been to Maui a couple of times before and this would be Serena's first.

Just behind the timeshare was this small beach to which we were treated to this beautiful sunset. This capture is from the town of Keihei looking towards Lahaina and the western portion of Maui. If you look closely you can just see the windmills going up the edge of the landmass jutting out, these are on the Pali trail.

Here's a better view of the windmills. I took this photograph from the aircraft window as we approached the airport in Kahului.

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Pali Trail

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