La Jolla

Long exposure at the tide pools of La Jolla

Serena & I visited La Jolla, California a couple of weekends ago for some rest & relaxation and of course photography. One of our favorite places to photograph are the tide pools where crazy rock landscape, surfers and hopefully a beautiful sunset all come together.
Leading lines
It's important to use leading lines when possible as I did here with this separation in the rocks leading your eye out to the sea and sunset.

La Jolla Sunset

I appreciate your visit. Time is always a problem for me but my passion for photography never wanes. It's difficult to keep up with social media sites and a blog. I have to admit I have felt like giving up many times and just take photographs. No more blog, no website, no social media, but then I could not share. There is something inside each of us that when we create something of value to ourselves we want to share it with others. So I press on, slowly but surely. I am sure that if I did not have a full time regular job I'd be able to be much more focused on just photography. My advice to you is to just follow your passion no matter what, keep at it. I have plans to change my blog in hopefully a bigger and better way, to share many more of my photographs with many sites that I am currently on and to get my name out there more. We have several photography trips planned. It is my hope to add significantly to my portfolio this year, that at least is the goal. This is a time consuming endeavor with changing seasons, weather and light not to mention the drought has affected my money tree in the backyard. I must always remember baby steps, one step at a time. My goal is to be a full time landscape photographer and teaching workshops in the near future for photography is my passion. Are you following your Passion?

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