It's been awhile...

It's been awhile. After losing our dog Sparky we waited a few months and then added two rescue dogs to our family. It hurt very much losing her but she will always be in my heart & mind. Our two new boys are adjusting well but have issues of their own being rescues. I'm just glad we can give them a chance at a good life that I doubt they would have had the chance to have had they stayed in the shelters. One dog probably would have never found a home as he is very fearful of men but thankfully through much patience I have been able to slowly bring him around. Both have kept us very busy, more so Serena than myself. She is the perfect doggie mommy. These dogs don't know and myself included how lucky we truly are.  So our photography was put on hold for awhile but now I believe we are ready to hit the trail once again.

Serena bought a new truck & fully equipped it to go anywhere in the American Southwest that we choose. No more hotels or worrying about eating we are self sufficient and self contained. At this time I can't promise you that I will be blogging weekly. First I will see if anyone notices this addition, it's been so long. It also needs a bit of work but that will come with time. I like the basic look so far.

I have learned much over the past year. Gone are the days of caring whether someone follows me, likes my photos or other. I shoot for myself, I like and comment on other photographers work when and if their work truly moves me. My editing and shooting skills have been improving however I still have a long way to go before I will be totally satisfied with them. I am a bit of a perfectionist. Just because I didn't post doesn't mean I wasn't practicing. Photography is a constant learning process. It is a passion but more over it becomes a love and improves the more you practice. Much like a relationship the more you work at it the better it becomes.

Gone are the days of over saturation for me. Many photographers seem to think the color needs to bleed off of the page. I want my images to look natural the same as I observed with my own eyes. Also I will be posting one image and telling a little story behind it.  Namaste 

                                                               With a new year, I hope you follow along... 

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